Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

FORUMNEWS 10 INTERREG ATLANTIC AREA PROJECT The sixthmeeting of the IN 4.0 project consortium was scheduled to be held in Cork on 12-13 May. It ended up being held virtually due to the mobili- ty restriction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Europe. The event was organised as two Zoommeetings held on 12 and 13 May 2020. Themeeting followed on from the previous remo- te meeting in March and April, when the project leader had already started on a review process to adapt the project’s work plan to the new scenario resulting from the pandemic crisis. Thus, the sixth meeting of the consortium was a continuation of that process and its goal was to: Find solutions and alternatives to anticipa- te the problems and risks caused by the CO- VID-19 pandemic, opening up the project to new options without compromising the qua- lity and the number of project products and deliverables. Following the meeting, the pro- ject tasks have been restructured and the new estimated completion date is February 2021. IN. 4.0 PROJECT