Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

FORUMNEWS 12 The European CONSORTEX project, led by the Basque Maritime Forum, is now in its final stretch. After analysing the shipbuilding sector in the Atlantic regions, diagnosing supply, stud- ying the global market and attracting companies interested in participating in the consortia, it is currently working with them to search for sy- nergies to offer added value for the customer. Six thematic working groups (Deck, Vessel De- sign, Accommodation, Engine Room, Bridge and Offshore Energy) have been set up and in- volve a total of 38 Portuguese, Spanish, French, Irish and British companies. Two rounds of vi- deoconferences have already been held and in- formation is being shared through websites set up especially for this activity. The following steps will be the vital in-per- son events to be held in Bilbao and Vigo this autumn, when representatives of the partici- pating companies will be able to get to know each other personally, gain trust, explore joint work opportunities and, where applicable, reach partnership agreements. In late November or early December, the As- sociação das Indústrias Navais, our partner in Lisbon, will host a final event in the Portugue- se capital, when the final results of the project will be presented. It will also be the opportu- nity to analyse the possibility of extending its good practices to other geographical areas wi- thin the shipbuilding sector. ADVANCES IN THE INTERREG ATLANTIC AREA CONSORTEX PROJECT