Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

FORUMNEWS 13 The BMF was involved in preparing the MAR- VEL project proposal, submitted to the Horizon 2020 Call: Foundations for tomorrow’s industry. The assessment process of the proposals in this programme is structured into two stages and the MARVEL proposal has successfully made it through the first stage. It is currently in the assessment process of the second stage. MARVEL’s overall goal is to develop and put into practice a unified concept for nanomate- rials based on a framework that addresses the systematic variations of the properties in the whole nanomaterial range and provides models for multiple-scale approaches that can function from the laboratory to real scale, thus providing the first advanced comprehensive regulatory framework for material safety. The MARVEL specific goals are to: Goal 1: Develop a classification scheme that can define and describe the highly varied properties of the nanomaterials currently in development and production. Goal 2: Develop and implement a validated com- prehensive framework for nanomaterials and products that include nanomaterials in order to address the understanding of their impact on the manufacturing processes, the product perfor- mance, the environment and health. Goal 3: Study of compartments in complex envi- ronmental systems of real life. Goal 4: Formulate recommendations for the bet- ter adaptation and improvement of the standard guidelines regarding the exposure and hazards of nanomaterials. MARVEL has therefore designed an innovative and challenging research programme that will be implemented by a robust consortium, inclu- ding the Basque Maritime Forum. H2020: MARVEL MULTI-COMPONENT NOVEL NANOMATERIALS ANDMULTI-SCALE APPROACHES FOR AN ADVANCED SAFE-BY- DESIGN REGULATORY FRAMEWORK