Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

ADIMDE NEWS 16 MURUETA SHIPYARDS LAUNCH THE NEW IBAIZÁBAL DUAL- PROPULSION TUG KBS PREPARES ITS ZARAUTZ PLANT FOR NEWMANU- FACTURING CHALLENGES THIS IS THE FIRST DUAL- PROPULSION TUG TO BE BUILT IN SPAIN AND WAS ALSO ENTIRELY DESIGNED AT THE SHIPYARD. The Murueta Shipyards pre- mises in Erandio, Bilbao, were the venue for the launch of the new LNG Ibazábal 15 tug, built for Remolcadores Ibaizá- bal. It is the first dual-propul- sion tug to be built in Spain and was also entirely desig- ned at the shipyard. The vessel is 28 metres long, 12 metres wide and has a dep- th of 4.8 metres, with a drau- ght of 57 tons. Powered by two Wärtsilä 1.665 Kwx 9L20DF TIER III engines, which can be fuelled by Li- quefied Natural Gas, the tug has two high pressure water monitors meaning it can per- form fire-fighting tasks. THEPORTOFBILBAOHOSTS THEFIRSTTESTSOFTHE GAS-POWEREDTUG. Bilbao Port Authority stres- sed that it was driving diffe- rent initiatives in line with the focal points selected by the port system to contribute to the 2030 Agenda. In addi- tion to this new tug coming into service, the port autho- rity pointed out that Repsol had recently announced its plans to build its first natural gas filling station in the Bas- que enclave. Thanks to the agreement with Brittany Fe- rries, it will be adjacent to the terminal where the ferries moor and it will supply the vessels fuelled by liquefied natural gas that the shipping line is building and other vessels when the dock is free. This delivery follows on from the Oizmendi, the vessel de- livered to Itsas Gas Bunker Supply in 2018, in which Ibaizábal also has a stake, after it was overhauled to be able supply LNG bunkering services. THE BOMBAS ITURCENTE- NARY IS BEINGMARKEDWITH AGREATER EMPHASIS ON SERVICE ANDANEWLAYOUT FOR THE FACTORY. The German multinational KSB Spain added Bombas ITUR to its structure in 2003. Since then, the group has consolidated the presence of its affiliate in Gipukzoa, which celebrated its cente- nary on 20 May. The future plans are now fo- cused on strengthening its manufacturing and service capabilities. KSB’s turnover was 68 million and its workforce numbered 300 in 2019.