Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

ADIMDE NEWS 18 GEODIS PROVIDES SEA FREIGHT SOLUTIONS FOR WIND FARM LOGISTICS AROUND THE WORLD INGETEAM SIGNS THE CONTRACT WITH ZAMAKONA SHIPYARD (BILBAO, SPAIN) FOR THE HYBRID- ELECTRIC PROPULSION SYSTEM OF THE NEW PELAGIC TRAWLER FOR GITTE HENNING Since 2018, GEODIS has charte- red vessels for the wind power industry with a global project cargo of over 2 million m3. Its Ingeteam was chosen as the electrical integrator of the new pelagic trawler for the Gitte Henning shipowner, which will be built at the Zamako- na shipyard in Bilbao. The new vessel will boast a series of green solutions, many of which are brand new in pela- gic fishing. Ingeteam will conduct the en- gineering commissioning and sea tests of the whole hybrid propulsion system, which includes the main propul- sion system (consisting of 2 INDAR permanent magnet (PM) motors driven by IN- GEDRIVE LV400 frequency concreters in multi-drive con- main customers include leading technology companies with a large annual volume of wind power components to be trans- ported from the manufacturing points to the destination ports for the different wind farms worldwide. Through its local Chartering Department, centra- lised in Bilbao, and supported by the global department in Hamburg, it chartered around 30 vessels for different wind farm projects in the last year alone. The deliveries have inclu- ded the whole range of finished product components, such as blades, tower sections, hubs, na- celles, drive trains, transformers and ancillary equipment. figuration, the generation sys- tem consisting of 3 2625 kVA / 690 Vca generators and 2 1625 kVA / 690 Vca generators. It also includes the Power Mana- gement System(PMS), the power distribution systemand the ener- gy storage system, consisting of a 1130kWh battery, controlled by the INGESHIP EMS energy management system. This diesel engine will thus not experience large load variations, which fur- ther reduces fuel consumption up to 10% with respect to other conventional solutions on electri- cal diesel vessels.