Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

ADIMDE NEWS 20 LATEST SENER ACTIVITIES VESSEL ASSET MANAGER Digital management is one of the 4.0 technologies that will made the greatest con- tribution in the near futu- re. It harnesses connectivity and the Internet of Things to provide data to allow pre- dictive maintenance, condi- tion-based maintenance and optimise their functioning. SENER is developing a tool capable of managing the ves- sel’s assets based on its FO- RAN product model. It uses the information already en- tered during the design sta- ge, ensures its integrity and extends the design life to the operational stage of the ves- sels. These capabilities save time and avoid errors when setting up the asset data base and can guarantee its upda- ting when changes occur du- ring the life cycle. SENER MARINE SIGNS A FO- RAN CONTRACT WITH GOA SHIPYARD LIMITED SENER Marine has signed a contract with Goa Shipyard Li- mited, whose headquarters are in Goa (India), to implement the FORANCAD/CAM systemde- veloped by SENER, to be used in the design and production of its new frigates. Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) is a company be- longing to theMinistry of Defen- ce of the Government of India. The scope of the contract invol- ves the installation of permanent FORAN System licences for every design area (forms, gene- ral layout and naval architec- ture; structure; machinery and armament; electrical design and graphic outputs). The services that SENER is going to provide include on-site technical assis- tance andmaintenance. The first training sessions have already been conducted satisfactorily. With a reputation spanning over 60 years, the shipyard has been a leader in the shipbuil- ding industry in India and has built a wide variety of ships that meet the standards and regula- tions of the major classification societies worldwide. The com- pany thus aspires to occupy a leadership position in the ship- building industry. PASSENGER VESSEL ENGI- NEERING SENERcontinues todevelop lar- ge cruise ship basic engineering and classification for Fincantieri. This will increase and supply scope and provide continuity to its work on this type of vessels for the Italian giant that started two years ago. Specifically, it is currently working on construc- tions 6274 and 6319 for Cunard andMSC, respectively. In the ferry sector, SENER is completing the classification and conceptual project for a RO-Pax vessel for 1200 passen- gers to operate on Lake Victo- ria (Tanzania). This project is a considerable industrial challen- ge as all the parts and compo- nents will be manufactured by GasEntec in Korea and trans- ported to the African country, where the vessel will be assem- bled at a local shipyard.