Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

ADIMDE NEWS 26 HVCC, WÄRTSILÄ AND CARNIVAL EXCHANGE REAL- TIME DATA BETWEEN CRUISE SHIPS AND THE PORT Thanks to a joint digitali- sation project, the HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordina- tion Centre, Wärtsilä and Carnival, have successfully exchanged real-time data be- tween the vessel and the port. The first live tests were con- ducted on the AIDAperla and AIDAsol, vessels that regular- ly visit the Port of Hamburg. During these tests, the data shared between HVCC and Carnival Maritime’s Fleet Operation Centre in Ham- burg was fed directly into the cruise ships’ electronic nau- tical chart (ECDIS) via the Navi-Port digital platform developed by Wärtsilä. The real-time data exchange improves coordination and allows for automatic modifi- cations to the ship’s course and speed should the port condi- tions change during a voyage. The project is also supported by the Bureau Veritas clas- sification society to ensure that cyber-security require- ments are met. The team also includes HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, the internationa- lly renowned management consultancy, who provides its expertise in port-side pro- ject management. Gerald Hirt, Managing Di- rector of HVCC stressed that “HVCC has always attached great importance to the deve- lopment of collaborative digi- tal solutions. For us this means ‘passage planning 2.0’ – a fur- ther step towards intelligent ship coordination and the digi- talisation of port logistics”. Michael Salzmann, Senior Nautical Superintendent at Carnival Maritime pointed out that “we are committed to making cruising more sustainable. For this, we wel- come the development of new and more efficient te- chnologies. We have tested the solution with two of our ships. The Wärtsilä ships’ onboard navigation systems were connected directly to HVCC, which allowed for continuous communica- tions, resulting in just-in-ti- me arrivals in Hamburg”. Torsten Büssow, Director of Wärtsilä Voyage went on “Wärtsilä’s approach is ai- med at eliminating wasteful practices in shipping opera- tions. Close collaboration be- tween industry stakeholders is a key enabler. Once again, this project shows what can be gained when the industry works together in a transpa- rent and cooperative way”. Meanwhile, Najmeh Ma- soudi, Technology Leader – Smart Ships, Bureau Veri- tas said “connectivity is ena- bling new ways of working. As a class society, Bureau Veritas plays a critical role in helping ensure that the ma- rine industry safely adopts new technologies”. Following the successful tests in the cruise segment, there are now plans to expand into cargo shipping and talks have already been held with con- tainer shipping companies.