Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

MEMBERS NEWS 32 The manufactured products of different sec- tors, such as automotive, household applian- ces, machine-tools, health, sport, etc., increa- singly involve more electronics and are more customised. The competitive need to integra- te that technology into products to cut costs while ensuring their full functionality is the- refore now a reality. The IDEA project, led by the GAIKER Tech- nology Centre, which is a member of the Bas- que Research & Technology Alliance – BRTA, was set up to develop new materials for ad- ditive electronics by 3D printing. The main objective of this research is to develop new materials with electronic and magnetic pro- perties leading to new 3D electronics using additive manufacturing processes. These new materials, which will be developed in the first two years of the R&D strategy for new materials for additive electronics 2019- 2030 that has been defined in IDEA, will allow the rigidity of the current design and the 2D space of electronic boards to be eliminated, reduce costs by reducing current assembly processes, integrate electronics in 3D plastic products and promote new hybrid additi- ve manufacturing technologies, which allow from a single process to the complete integra- tion of 3D electronics in the final product. IDEA seeks to obtain real, effective, sustaina- ble and profitable solutions, according to the new advanced manufacturing processes, and to equip the industrial fabric with its own ma- terials and technologies. This will avoid the current technological dependence and open GAIKER LEADING A PROJECT TO DEVELOP NEWMATERIALS FOR ADDITIVE ELECTRONICS BY 3D PRINTING