Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

MEMBERS NEWS 42 FIRST STOPOVER IN PASAIA OF LARGEST SHIP IN THEWORLD POWERED BY LIQUEFIED GAS The revolution in the field of sustainabili- ty and the minimal impact in terms of CO2 emissions is here to stay. The Norwegian shipping company UECC has added the AUTO ECO car carrier to its Pasaia-Vi- go-Southampton-Zeebrugge line. The ship is powered by liquefied natural gas that meets the most demanding sustainabili- ty standards and that has broken several records at the port of Pasaia thanks to its characteristics. Pasaia port has the capacity to work with ex- ceptional ships, and this is one such exam- ple. With a beam of 32 meters and 42,424 GT, it is the largest vessel of this type to enter Pasaia, although the port has scope for longer vessels, up to 185m, such as the deep sea ships serving with the steel sector. However, this has been an important miles- tone for Pasaia, as it is the longest vessel of its class (ships specialized in the transport of cars and RO-RO cargo) and the largest of the UECC fleet. The first stopover of this giant was on Fri- day 22 May and it all went smoothly. It pas- sed through the channel following the path regularly used by the 140-meter-long UECC S-series ships for years. However, its size means it cannot use the usual berthing of these ships at the Noatum-UEEC terminal and had to use the Capuchinos dock. The full beauty and the professionalism entailed can be seen in the drone video of the arrival and docking of the ship. THE UECC SHIPPING COMPANY PIONEERS THE WORLDWITH ITS SHIP AUTO ECO