Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

NOTICIAS ADIMDE SECTOR NEWS 48 Never before had a crisis affected all indus- trial and economic sectors simultaneously and all countries. However, as in all the crises, there are always some who recover first, those who manage to minimise the damage and some even come out stronger. Basque industry wants to be among the first to lead the way on the route to recovery. Thus, Basque sectoral associations, the 17 in- dustrial clusters, have embarked on designing their “road maps”. These will set out the stren- gths, weaknesses and what they need to shore up their recovery. This meeting was the following step to the one with the Basque Minister in early March, whe- re they analysed the first shocks. In the same way that a company only having a single customer or depending on just a few is a great weakness, the reverse dependency, in terms of having one or a few suppliers, also un- dermines its competitiveness. Following that reflection, the Basque government has called on the 17 clusters to examine their supplier chain and look for their weaknesses in their road maps. “We have urged the clusters to reflect at business level, to diagnose their supplier chain, in the sense that the world’s factory cannot only be China,” stressed Zarraonandia. BASQUE CLUSTERS REVIEWING THEIR VALUE CHAIN SO AS NOT TO SOLELY DEPEND ON ASIAN SUPPLIERS Reflection on the supplier chain is needed