Basque Maritime Magazine 55_2020

FORUMNEWS 6 TRAINING FOR THE UNEMPLOYED In 2019-2020, the BASQUE MARITIME FORUM and ADIMDE are running a series of training itineraries aimed at increasing the employability of the unemployed. These actions are subsidised by Bizkaia Pro- vincial Council’s Department of Employ- ment, Social Inclusion and Equality, through the following Programmes: LANBERRI, Programme driving job placement for people facing particular difficulties for ente- ring the labour market (over 45 years old, long- term unemployed or at risk of social exclusion). PROMOTING YOUTH EMPLOYABILITY, Programme to help the under 30s of Bizkaia, who are unemployed, to enter the job market. The main goal set by BMF and ADIMDE with the promotion of those training routes is to disseminate the importance of the maritime sector among the unemployed, along with ge- nerating interest towards the sector, which may lead to training that is greater in depth and more intensive in the trades currently in demand (welding, boilermaking-fitting out, piping, etc.). PROMOTED BY THE BASQUE MARITIME FORUM AND ADIMDE